Welcome to Bears Am I

Our Mission is to “Bear Hug the world one teddy at a time!”

We have been creating huggable memories for our customers since 1989.

Teddy bears & fur items

Sue Gueguen has been making bearlooms, or furry memories, for her customers from their treasured family furs since 1989. She always dabbled in crafts, but when she made her first teddy bear back in Grade 7, she was hooked. So began a long love affair with this furry creature! She owned and operated a Teddy Bear gift shop in Shakespeare for almost 10 years, but decided to close it in 2008 so she could fully concentate on her favorite activity, designing and making her award winning teddy bears! Sue's motto is to "Bear hug the world one teddy at a time!"

Bears Am I has a booth at the Stratford Antique Warehouse. Hope you can come to visit us in the fur, but if not we hope you enjoy our website instead. We are proud to say we have never had so many creations on display in one spot before! We keep our booth stocked with bears from mohair, plush and real fur, along with ear muffs and cushions made of fur.

Powder Puff Teddies are bears made from old fur coats that might have belonged to your grandmother or favourite auntie. If you think you will never wear the old coat but would like a keepsake of your loved one to put on display, a one-of-a-kind “bearloom” is a fabulous way to do it. These creations are fully jointed, meaning that their arms, legs and heads can turn. The bears have German glass eyes and embroidered noses; noses can also be made from suede or the coat lining.  Most old fur coat linings are made of beautiful brocade fabrics and we often use it for the inside of the bears ears and to make teddies paw pads.  If the coat has embroidered initials and tags we'll try to use them on the bear, either on a paw or bow. We can also incorporate the coat buttons, a favourite brooch or another bit of costume jewelery for a personal touch.

"From The Back 40" Primitives are a brand-new line of bears, stuffed animals and decor items with a Country Primitive flavour.  Most of these are made of Mohair plush fabric which is painstakingly aged, trimmed and "worn in" for an authentic vintage look. These whimsical creations include stand-alone bears and animals as well as animals incorporated with pincushions, flower pots and other decorative objects, often combined with vintage fabrics,  buttons, toys and other bits and pieces. 

Come to the Artisan Marketplace or explore this website to get a feel for these one-of-a-kind creations.

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