From the Back 40 Christmas Open House

Join us for a Christmas Open House  on 21 November from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and  22 November from  10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Come see our selection of hand-stitched primitives, hand-made fur and mohair bears, treenware, tinware, vintage Christmas decorations, primitive wares, hand-made Snowmen, wreaths, baskets, quilts and table runners, candles, antiques and many other unique gift ideas. Find the perfect decoration for your home or a gift for a special someone!

While browsing, we invite you to enjoy some hot apple cider and home-baked goodies!

Join in the furry fun at 15 Zinkann Crescent, Wellesley, Ontario    Click for map

For more information or directions call Sharon Hammer, 519-577-0111 or Sue Gueguen at 519-625-8802

Looks like a...

Yes I know the long ears, and big thumper feet give it away! It’s a Bunny! I love this mohair and it’s all I have left, so I had to scrimp and piece and squeeze the pattern on to what was left, out of sheer determination. I even had to shrink a couple of pieces, this will be a fit and in shape bunny!

Now the stuffing and weights and shaping, and eyes and whiskers. I have never given my bunnies whiskers but he/she  just seemed to need them, silly ole bunny! Everyone always gets a kick out of my tools that I use to make my bears and bunnies, of course there is also a lot of junk on my table I don't need and usually a couple of empty coffee and tea cups too.

Once bunny is finished, I sand and scruff up his paw pads and distress his fur and just rough him up a little (calm down, I hug him, he’s just fine) to make him look old and loved, then I play with some dyes and I make him look like you just found him in some old attic somewhere.

Of course that would be my absolute dream, every time I drive by an old abandoned house I just imagine what you would find in the rafters. Then I think about the mice and bats and spiders, and I’m happy to poke around the antique shows and just listen to other peoples treasure adventures, ughhh.

Okay,  off to the dye pot!

Photography Class #3

Wednesday nights are my photography classes, they are wonderful and small, just myself and two friends. The teacher is wonderful, she is patient and just one of those amazing people that you meet that you instantly feel comfortable with. She is so creative and artistic, just walking past her garden to get to her studio is inspiring!

I love the fact that she teaches then we play with the cameras, I am a very hands on learner, and you can preach to me until the cows come home, and it just doesn't stick, or even compute into my grey matter. But let me try, ohla laa, I get it.

Wow just writing that, brings back horrible memories of high school! This is from a gal who ran my own business for almost 10 years,, but struggled to pass a class, hmm.

I do want to ask her if I can put a link from her website to my blog, I always feel better asking first, then "she" will have a name.

So I will hopefully have her information on here shortly! Wow you will LOVE looking at her pictures, incredible.

See, I have been busy!

I am a bear maker, pattern designer, and in general I can figure how to make what ever I need...
which is funny cause I can't read other patterns to save my life! I have had family, friends and customers give me patterns to make for them, and I don't mind, I usually learn something new.

But I struggle to read them, and usually look it over -  read it - then make it my own way. No wonder I didn't do well at school, hah hah!

So anyway I am blessed enough to have a lot of great friends, and we tend to trade ideas and tell each other little secrets on how to do things the easy way.

One of my friends is a self taught quilter, love love love her work, her colour choice etc.

So she has decided that I too can learn to quilt, and through her patience and expertise, I am learning to quilt! I think I am finally getting it too! Love it, here is my latest... now don't get too excited you haven't missed much, this is only my third lap quilt, hah hah!

Of course you notice my quality control team had to get into the picture, right?

They make sure we take breaks from sewing to stretch out, like you know, throw a ball, maybe a little walk! Love my furry helpers.

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