Photography Class #3

Wednesday nights are my photography classes, they are wonderful and small, just myself and two friends. The teacher is wonderful, she is patient and just one of those amazing people that you meet that you instantly feel comfortable with. She is so creative and artistic, just walking past her garden to get to her studio is inspiring!

I love the fact that she teaches then we play with the cameras, I am a very hands on learner, and you can preach to me until the cows come home, and it just doesn't stick, or even compute into my grey matter. But let me try, ohla laa, I get it.

Wow just writing that, brings back horrible memories of high school! This is from a gal who ran my own business for almost 10 years,, but struggled to pass a class, hmm.

I do want to ask her if I can put a link from her website to my blog, I always feel better asking first, then "she" will have a name.

So I will hopefully have her information on here shortly! Wow you will LOVE looking at her pictures, incredible.

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