Looks like a...

Yes I know the long ears, and big thumper feet give it away! It’s a Bunny! I love this mohair and it’s all I have left, so I had to scrimp and piece and squeeze the pattern on to what was left, out of sheer determination. I even had to shrink a couple of pieces, this will be a fit and in shape bunny!

Now the stuffing and weights and shaping, and eyes and whiskers. I have never given my bunnies whiskers but he/she  just seemed to need them, silly ole bunny! Everyone always gets a kick out of my tools that I use to make my bears and bunnies, of course there is also a lot of junk on my table I don't need and usually a couple of empty coffee and tea cups too.

Once bunny is finished, I sand and scruff up his paw pads and distress his fur and just rough him up a little (calm down, I hug him, he’s just fine) to make him look old and loved, then I play with some dyes and I make him look like you just found him in some old attic somewhere.

Of course that would be my absolute dream, every time I drive by an old abandoned house I just imagine what you would find in the rafters. Then I think about the mice and bats and spiders, and I’m happy to poke around the antique shows and just listen to other peoples treasure adventures, ughhh.

Okay,  off to the dye pot!

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